Available IC for Key Fobs

Only frequently used ICs are listed below

IC FrequencyDescriptionRemark
ATA5577125KHzR / WISO/IEC 11784/11785
EM4200125KHzR ONLY 
ICode SLIX13.56MHzR / WISO/ IEC 15693
ST25TV13.56MHzR / W, 512, 2K bitsISO / IEC 15693
MiFare Classic13.56MHzR / W, 1K, 4K BytesISO / IEC 14443A
MiFare Ultralight13.56MHzR / W, 512 bitsISO / IEC 14443A
MiFare Ultralight EV113.56MHzR / W, 32 bit ISO / IEC 14443A
MiFare DESFire EV213.56MHzR / W 2, 4, 8K BytesISO / IEC 14443A
Impinj MR6-P900MHz-EPC C1G2, KF-TS only
All OTHER CHIPSWe also use many other chips from different manufacturers. 
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